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Corporations Law Value Pack

Andrew Clarke

Corporations Law Value Pack

Corporations Law Value Pack

Corporations Law Value Pack


Corporations Law: Concepts, Cases and Culture is for the Corporations Law subject, intended for law, business and JD students. This text comprises a small textbook and workbook for law and business students, many of whom will be studying company law for the first time and may be both nervous of, and not pre-disposed to, the subject area.

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Beschrijving Corporations Law Value Pack

Corporations Law: Concepts, Cases, and Culture Textbook and Wordbook examine the three distinct and overlapping areas that relate to company law.
Concepts - The text will explore the main concepts and theories behind the law, rules and principles relevant to companies.
Cases - The text delves into the key case law in historical and contemporary terms. These cases provide a narrative of the key challenges and gaps in the understanding and operation of the corporation and provide an insight into how and why and how company law have developed.
Culture - One of the significant selling features of the book is on the significance of corporate culture and its growing importance within law schools. Corporate culture will be covered throughout the text showing how it shapes corporate governance and regulation, and how cultural shortcomings can lead to corporate misconduct.

Textbook features and structure
The structure of the textbook moves away from bigger chapters, and focuses on shorter chapters which deal with separate topics.
The aim is to align each chapter based on a 36 hour course using a more modular approach and introductory chapter will be included in the textbook and workbook to clarify this approach.

Workbook features and structure
The workbook will have links to the textbook and will be very visual, summarising the main points of the textbook using diagrams, flowcharts and tables
. The Workbook will summarise the main concepts in the textbook into explanatory diagrams and flowcharts, and include other pedagogical features such as critical reflection questions, problem-solving questions, visual chapter summaries, end of chapter study questions and case studies.

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