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The Civil Procedure Rules at 20

Andrew (Associate Professor of Civil Procedure, Associate Professor of Civil Procedure, Mansfield College, University of Oxford) Higgins

The Civil Procedure Rules at 20

The Civil Procedure Rules at 20

The Civil Procedure Rules at 20


Civil Procedure Rules at 20 considers the successes and failures of the CPR, and current challenges faced by those designing, administering, and using the civil justice system.

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Beschrijving The Civil Procedure Rules at 20

Civil Procedure Rules at 20 is a collection of presentations and papers to mark the 20th anniversary of the CPR coming into force, many of which were delivered orally at the CPR at 20 Conference at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, at Mansfield College, Oxford, in 2019. The presentations and papers have been edited and extended to provide a permanent record available to a wider audience.

The book is dedicated to examining key challenges and changes facing the civil justice system, marking the 20th anniversary of the current civil procedures governing civil litigation in England and Wales. It addresses a range of technical, political, and controversial subjects on access to justice and the rules governing civil litigation, including the digitization of the justice system and the future role of artificial intelligence; the emergence of class actions; disclosure rules and reform;
restrictions on Judicial Review challenges to Government decisions; closed material proceedings; and efforts to make the costs of civil litigation more affordable and proportional, including the availability of legal aid.

With a Foreword by Lord Briggs, the contributions come from those best qualified to tell this story, from senior judges, practitioners, and leading academic scholars each with their own unique perspective.

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