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Crafting Parliament in Myanmar's Disciplined Democracy (2011-2021)

Egreteau, Renaud (Associate Professor in Comparative Politics, Associate Professor in Comparative Politics, City University of Hong Kong)

Crafting Parliament in Myanmar's Disciplined Democracy (2011-2021)

Crafting Parliament in Myanmar's Disciplined Democracy (2011-2021)

Crafting Parliament in Myanmar's Disciplined Democracy (2011-2021)


This volume offers the most significant analysis of how parliament re-emerged in Myanmar in the span of a post-junta decade (2011-2021).


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Beschrijving Crafting Parliament in Myanmar's Disciplined Democracy (2011-2021)

In January 2011, parliament was restored in Myanmar after two decades of military rule. Startlingly, it began to repeal obsolete laws, scrutinize government expenditures, summon ministers to the floor, and discuss the state's annual budget. It also allowed its elected representatives to make public the grievances collected from constituents infuriated at enduring practices of land confiscation, petty corruption, and everyday abuses of power. Yet ten years later in February 2021, parliament was shut down, again, by a coup d'état. What has been learned in the span of a decade of post-junta parliamentary resurgence? How could an elected legislature resurface - and function - in a country that had only limited experience with parliamentary affairs and representative politics since its independence from British rule? What lessons can be drawn from the Myanmar case for parliamentary institution-building and legislative developments (and decay) in post-authoritarian and praetorian contexts?

This book offers a compelling account of Myanmar's halting efforts to develop the institutional framework and practice of a parliament-based democratic governance between 2011 and 2021. It charts the stages of such a legislative resurgence, tracing its causes, and exploring how various institutional and political legacies both informed and constrained the re-establishment and operations of the Union legislature, or Pyidaungsu Hluttaw. Embracing both ethnographic observations and a methodical engagement with legislative proceedings and historical material, Renaud Egreteau investigates how parliamentary life (re)emerged in Myanmar in the 2010s. His analysis concentrates on key legislative mechanisms, processes, and tasks pertaining to government oversight, budgetary control, representation, and lawmaking and interrogates how they were learned, (re)appropriated, and (mis)performed by Myanmar's new breed of legislators and parliamentary staff until the 2021 army takeover.

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