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Treatise on International Criminal Law 2e

Kai Ambos

Treatise on International Criminal Law 2e

Treatise on International Criminal Law 2e

Treatise on International Criminal Law 2e


This new edition provides extensive coverage of recent development in the 'Special Part' of international criminal law: specific crimes and sentencing. Particular attention has been paid in this new edition to sexual and gender-based crimes, environmental crimes, the ICC Statute's newly-introduced war crimes, and cyber attacks.

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Beschrijving Treatise on International Criminal Law 2e

International criminal law and justice is a flourishing field which has led, in recent years, to new international criminal tribunals and new mechanisms for investigation and holding criminals to account. These developments have, in turn, led to an increasing volume and greater consolidation of case law, and even more scholarly attention.

The second edition of this volume of Kai Ambos' seminal treatise has been revised and rewritten in parts to provide coverage of recent developments in the 'Special Part' of international criminal law: namely, the specific crimes and sentencing. Amongst other updates, there are significant extensions of the discussion on sexual and gender-based crimes; the introduction of environmental crimes into international criminal law; further elaboration on the nexus requirement in war crimes and
asymmetrical conflicts (e.g., ISIS); and reference to the newly introduced war crimes of the ICC Statute and of the peculiarities of cyber-attacks and other emerging activities. The volume complements Volume I of the treatise on issues relevant to the foundations, general part of international criminal law,
and general principles of international criminal justice.

Taken together with the other new editions of the three-volume series, this second edition provides an exhaustive guide to every aspect of international criminal law, from fundamental principles to procedures and implementation. Kai Ambos' Treatise remains an indispensable reference work for academics and practitioners of international criminal law.

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