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Cognition in the Real World

Alastair D. Smith

Cognition in the Real World

Cognition in the Real World

Cognition in the Real World


Cognition in the Real World offers a fresh take on cognitive psychology by focusing on everyday behaviours to place our understanding of the mind in a real-world context. Instead of looking at functions in isolation, it explores how different cognitive processes work together when we perform common activities.

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Beschrijving Cognition in the Real World

The only textbook to frame cognitive psychology in the context of our everyday lives.

Our lives are governed by cognitive processes, whether we are searching for a face in a crowd, driving to work, or learning a second language. Cognition in the Real World brings together expert contributors who explain the processes underlying everyday behaviours.

It is set apart from traditional textbooks by being organised by behaviours we are exposed to every day-such as drawing a picture, learning your way around a new city, or deciding how to invest your money. Such activities naturally involve a variety of cognitive functions; by considering these functions in an integrated way, the text provides a complete picture of how behaviours work together, rather than separately.

Drawing upon important insights from areas such as developmental psychology and neuroscience, Cognition in the Real World demonstrates how cognitive psychology fits with the broader subjects around it, rather than treating it as an independent topic.

With a strong foundation in cognitive theory, framed by an original and engaging real-world approach, the text makes the topics of cognition come alive.

Paperback / softback
OUP Oxford