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The Refugee in International Law

Guy Goodwin-Gill & Jane McAdam

The Refugee in International Law

The Refugee in International Law

The Refugee in International Law


This new edition of the leading textbook on international refugee law has been substantially updated and now features extensive coverage of forced migration. In its accessible and influential style, it defines refugee status and asylum, and sets out the protections afforded to refugees and forced migrations.

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Beschrijving The Refugee in International Law

Millions of people are today forced to flee their homes as a result of conflict, systematic discrimination, or other forms of persecution. The core instruments on which they must rely to secure international protection are the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol. This book, the leading text in the field, examines key challenges to the Convention such as the status of refugees, applications for asylum, and the international and
domestic standards of protection.

The situation of refugees is one of the most pressing and urgent problems facing the international community and refugee law has grown in recent years to a subject of global importance. In this long-awaited fourth edition each chapter has been thoroughly revised and updated and every issue, old and new, has received fresh analysis. The books includes: analysis of internally displaced persons; so-called preventive protection; access to refugees; safety of refugees and relief personnel; the
situation of refugee women and children; a detailed examination of the role of the UNHCR and the Palestinian situation; and an assessment of the protection possibilities (or lack of them) in the European Convention on Human Rights. This new edition has been expanded with coverage of forced migration and
displacement as a result of disasters and climate change.It is once again an unmissable reference work for practitioners and students in the field.

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