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A Commentary on Lysias, Speeches 12-16

S. C. Todd

A Commentary on Lysias, Speeches 12-16

A Commentary on Lysias, Speeches 12-16

A Commentary on Lysias, Speeches 12-16


A commentary on speeches 12 to 16 of the Athenian orator Lysias, based on a close reading of the Greek text. The volume includes the text itself (reproduced from Christopher Carey's Oxford Classical Texts edition), extensive introductions to each of the speeches, and a detailed commentary on individual phrases.

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Beschrijving A Commentary on Lysias, Speeches 12-16

Lysias was the leading Athenian speech-writer of his generation (403-380 BC), whose speeches form a leading source for all aspects of the history of Athenian society during this period. The current volume focuses on speeches that are important particularly as political texts, during an unusually eventful post-imperial period which saw Athens coming to terms with the aftermath of its eventual defeat in the Peloponnesian War (431-404) plus two traumatic if temporary
oligarchic coups (the Four Hundred in 411, and especially the Thirty in 404/3).

The speeches are widely read today, not least because of their simplicity of linguistic style. This simplicity is often deceptive, however, and one of the aims of this commentary is to help the reader assess the rhetorical strategies of each of the speeches and the often highly tendentious manipulation of argument.

This volume includes the text of speeches 12 to 16 (reproduced from Christopher Carey's 2007 Oxford Classical Texts edition, including the apparatus criticus), with a new facing English translation. Each speech receives an extensive introduction, covering general questions of interpretation and broad issues of rhetorical strategy, while in the lemmatic section of the commentary individual phrases are examined in detail, providing a close reading of the Greek text. To maximize accessibility, the
Greek lemmata are accompanied by translations, and individual Greek terms are mostly transliterated. This is a continuation of the projected multi-volume commentary on the speeches and fragments begun with the publication of speeches 1 to 11 in 2007, which will be the first full commentary on Lysias
in modern times.

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