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The Thread of Energy

Martin J. Pasqualetti

The Thread of Energy

The Thread of Energy

The Thread of Energy


The Thread of Energy breaks down the most influential driver of human actions and decision making: energy. In this book, geographer Martin J. Pasqualetti exposes the technical and fundamental influences of energy, preparing scholars for the coming energy transitions that lie ahead.

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Beschrijving The Thread of Energy

Energy weaves the tapestry of our lives, and it does so in more ways than we usually recognize. While it is clear that it powers our homes, airplanes, and factories, its overwhelming influence often goes without notice in other areas, from the heartbreak of poverty to the motivation for war. While maintaining its availability has the potential to create jobs and contribute to competitive economies, nonrenewable energy sources are scarring our landscapes, polluting
our air, and fouling our water. Understanding how we use energy and what we are willing to do to maintain our access to it can help us prepare for the complex and daunting challenges that linger as we look for alternatives.

In The Thread of Energy, Martin J. Pasqualetti homes in on this vital driver of human actions and decisions. He exposes the impact of energy according to multiple scales of measurement and assessment, from everyday applications to global entanglements. The book traces our increasing dependence on Earth's nonrenewable energy resources by comparing lifestyle changes throughout history.

Pasqualetti showcases the many ways energy infiltrates communication methods in all its forms (e.g., print, visuals, digital, etc.). The final chapters detail various approaches used by democratic societies looking to lessen their energy usage, including the critical importance of environmentally conscious policymakers.

The Thread of Energy treats energy as a social issue with a technical component, rather than the other way around.


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